Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sony's Playstation Portable 2 "Next Generation Portable (NGP), PS phone, etc

Time to update you on what many diehards already know.but Sony confirmed the Playstation Portable 2 as confirmed. The successor of the playstation portable or PSP is in fact called the Next Generation Portable. It's very sleek of course, and although the tsunami may have delayed things it seems the PSP2 or NGP will be ready by christmas time before 2012.

In other news, Wii announced "Wii U" and Sony is rumored to have a new console the PS4 in 2012!
That is very fast and way ahead of what I expected. After the debut of the Playstation Move I thought they might have bought more time and in the meantime could focus on competing with Apple, and testing developments in the playstation network which could evolve into the playstation 4's network.
Since it's coming earlier than I thought it's probably not going to have virtual reality or eyewear. However, you probably still will have real world MMORPG games and the processing power will be to develop online gaming. You probably will have the playstation store still the main function and it probably is designed in conjunction with the PSP2... I mean the NXG... and the S1 and S2 by Sony Erricsson, as well as the playstation phone, aka "Sony Ericsson Xperia Play"

Looks like exponential is the name of the game and in fact technology is evolving even faster than I had predicted! It seems the PSP3 should be out in 2013 with PS3 quality graphics

Also... Developers are working on launch title games for playstation 4 and havebeen since late 2010, meaning that by the time they're done they expect the playstation 4 to be ready to launch. This means 2012 to 2014 will be launchtime for the PS4.
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