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How will the Nintendo Wii effect the PS4?

This article is a little bit different, I am going to post an article I found about the Ninetendo Wii, and then follow up by explaining the future implications that this will have upon the PS4.

Nintendo Wii Priced To Outsell The Ps3 And X Box 360 by Gditeam

The price for the new Nintendo Wii is quite competitive to say the least. In fact, the word competitive does not do this system any justice. The bottom line is that the Wii beats the competition in price across the board. If you are in the market for one of the newer gaming systems there is no better option than the Wii. Of course you can opt for another like the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, but if you do this you will have to pay as much as $300 more. Are you willing to do this for a system that many believe is not better than the Wii?

In September 2006 Nintendo began to release information about the seventh generation gaming console known as the Wii. Many people may have been surprised to learn at that time that the Wii is being priced at the low cost of $249.99. To the amateur gamer or somebody who is not in the know, $249.99 may seem like a lot of money; and for good reason. But when you look at Wii prices compared to those of other systems you will be happy that you are interested in what Nintendo has to offer. A new Microsoft Xbox 360 will set you back about $400, whereas the Playstation 3 is being price at $600. So for less than half the cost of the newest Playstation you can pick up a brand new Nintendo Wii.

In addition to the price of the console itself, there are also a few other Wii prices that you should be aware of. For example, a Wii remote is going to set you back approximately $40. Also if you want to purchase accessories such as nunchuks you will have to shell out $20. The games that are compatible with the Wii will cost $60 on average. Yes, this is a bit much, but with the newest features and graphics it is safe to say that it is well worth the money.

It is obvious that Wii prices are among the best in the industry. And there is one thing that you are probably forgetting in all of this pricing excitement. That being the fact that the Wii is supposed to be able to hold its own against the other gaming consoles that are available. So what situation is better for you? Spending $600 on a new system, or being able to get the same thing for only $250? It is safe to say that if you are a consumer you are going to opt for the one that costs hundreds of dollars less.

Overall, Wii prices are something that the industry should be excited about. In today's day and age of technology it is easy for manufacturers to get carried away when it comes to pricing. The fact of the matter is that Nintendo could have easily gotten away with pricing the Wii at $300 or more. But instead of doing this they wanted to stay true to their roots and offer a gaming system that is top notch, for a price that the majority of people could justify spending.

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Gditeam has research gaming consoles and the pricing for the last few months and developed a guide on getting the new nintendo wii for free which can be found on his site here wii prices

John Simbelson

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I disagree with it being safe to say that you will opt for the gaming system that costs less, however, with the lack of availability that the PS3 currently has, I do agree that to start with the Nintendo Wii will probably make more sales. However in the long run it is uncertain if the PS3 will sell more units, but one thing is certain, Nintendo has found a way to become competitive in a market that it seemed to have lost it's edge. But that brings up an interesting point, if the Nintendo Wii does make more sales, will the PS4 seek to lower their prices? And if so, how much quality will they sacrifice to get these lower prices? Or will they go the opposite route and try to make a system so far advanced and so unique that the other systems aren't even considered competition?

Regardless of which gaming system or company you prefer, and regardless of what you think of the Nintendo Wii, one thing is certain... For the consumer, competition is a very good thing, and will allow us as consumers to get better and better service, products, and technology

Update: As we now see, The Nintendo Wii actually impacted the playstation 3 as they created a divice that basically transforms the playstation 3 into the PSmove. This is exciting! I mean think about it, the Wii helped open the door for a superior technological breakthrough within the same PS3 unit. If playstation 3 move has this technology, can you imagine how much more advanced they will make PS4? The PS3 move is able to transform the PS3 into what I thought at WORST the PS4 was going to be like. Well we know that Sony Playstation will not make a new device that isn't superior to everything you had in the old, so not only was I right that the Nintendo Wii would effect the PS4, (as was John the author of the article quoted here) but it will do so more than I could have ever imagined. Not only is the PS3 cheaper than ever to compete with the Wii on price, but it's now superior.

Now I can't wait to see if Nintendo will come up with something innovative to try to compete. This technology war is the best kind of "war", and is actually fun and safe for everyone! (that is, until Skynet, lol!)


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