Saturday, November 19, 2011

PSP Vita: The Playstation Portable Vita Now Available For Pre Order

It's been very fun seeing my ideas on the future of gaming happen exactly as I predicted them, or at least close to it.

You can see many of my future gaming predictions here
TO sum up what has happened so far:


-Playstation phone in the spring-Summer.
It was titled Sony Ericsson Xperia and was released in October. I was a bit late on this one by a single month into fall instead of the end of summer.

-playstation tablet, a netbook/ereader in fall-winter
The Sony Playstation Tablet or Sony S1 and S2 has already been announced. The prototype for the S1 and S2 was made available in April 2011. I am not sure when the release date is.

However it appears this may be the S1 that is already available.

I will say this one came out spot on in our range, maybe a bit earlier than anticipated.


-playstation portable 2 in summer 2012
Initially believed to be the S2, it turns out that the Playstation Portable Vita or PS Vita is in fact the playstation portable 2. Then they created plans for the "Next Generation Portable". They decided to rename it yet again to Playstation Vita. It turns out that Technology is accelerating and in fact this one is going to be out earlier than predicted and is available for pre order. It is not surprising that they pushed to have this one ready for preorder before thanksgiving since generally there is a big shopping rush on "black friday". However, the actual PSP2 or Playstation Vita wifi only is not going to be out until Februrary 22nd.

The Playstation Vita Bundle Pack with wifi and 3G is out Februrary 15th.
The PlayStation Vita Bundle Pack will come with a Limited Edition Case, a 4GB Memory Card, PlayStation Vita Wifi-3G, and Little Deviants game (40 ish dollars.)

One thing I missed was the updated version of PSP called the PSP Go

This is more of a minor announcement though and I did not attempt to predict modifications. The PSone was an update to the original playstation for example, but did not significantly change technology. The PSP Go was simply a minor yet sleek update that is more user friendly. It has several changes to make the hardware better so you can download games and store more information and fit it in your pocket, but it still only plays PSP quality games.

The remaining 2012 predictions are

-2nd generation playstation phone with playstation portable 2 technology in Fall
to be determined

-Advancement in playstation move and/or motion gaming. Playstation eyewear?
to be determined
I went on to make more predictions however, I would tend to want to move some of them up and change them.

What really amazes me the most is how accurate I was on predicting a future gaming system that I related to the playstion, but the Ninetendo beat Playstation to it as they debuted plans to create exactly what I described when discussing the future of motion gaming.

Said earlier, in the post titled ideas for PSP2 as a follow up to previous posts made on the subject here and elsewhere to promote this site, I said,
"If I were to describe the perfect PSP2 I would want it to be more simple, and I would want it to function as a controller for all games, not just playstation store PS1 and PS2 games. I don't care if the quality is a little bit worse, I want the PSP2 to function as a playstation move controller. "

Now tell me that this doesn't look like exactly what I described?

Perhaps someone with influence has been reading my blog. Just in case, I will come up with a post soon about my vision for the future and idea for the next great leap forward. I have done so in the post titled the next great leap forward in gaming. It is a subject I may have described earlier as well. Predicting the future to me is more about merging previous technologies, and then making them smaller and more efficient before expanding and using features of other technologies. But if you want to make a huge leap forward you sometimes have to think a bit outside the box like Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and others did. Soon I will provide an "outside the box" view of the future for those looking to get several steps ahead, things that I think would change the world, and I'm sure the readers will enjoy the futuristic view that I have.

I am very excited to see that the Playstation Vita is now available. It is very fun to see many of my predictions come true. You can pre order it on one of the buttons I provided above, or else check out my amazon Astore below on this playstation 4 release date site.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Next Great Leap Forward In Gaming

Gaming makes everything so unbelievably realistic and that realism is only going to increase. With cloud computing, and enhanced networking, and the efficient means of communication available, has anyone thought about using gaming as a platform to not only assess a person's talents and skills, but also to train those skills, and match them together to help like minded people with unique talents and a desire to change the world to be given "roles" and the communication channels to do so? First on a virtual world, and then in real life? You could have instant conference calls with the given "community", or if you don't like it, find a new community that is a fit for you based on your latest scores in your talents.

To me that is the greatest gift any one could give society at this moment of time. It would not only enhance society, but enhance societies ability to enhance society themselves. It is moving from "giving a man a fish" to "teaching men to work together and train them to start fishing businesses that involves teaching people by the hundreds to fish". It is a self organizing society in which everyone's role can be determined, and the individual has the liberty to train in other areas to enhance other skills, find other team members, find workers as well.

But this leap forward would not be limited to individuals meeting together to start businesses, and to train them, it would also be about allowing them to work together virtually first. It could take people to virtual worlds where they use virtual money to function, and it would be modeled as closely after reality as possible. The game itself would have the interface for people to either directly influence the game (similar to wikipedia only for gaming) or the ability to simply leave feedback in areas of the world and potentially open a poll and vote on things or changes to be made that teams of this virtual world could sort through. It could model behavior and have a lot of AI players that can be replaced when people are gone from the game and put characters on "auto" mode, but record whether the data collected was by AI or human, to provide more accurate feedback.

The CONCEPT is the most important for me to communicate at this moment. Ideas for details are as follows.
The virtual world would not be a game, but more like a network that operates on a "google earth" like interface only with a virtual environment. It will be a dynamic system. The people within the system help to refine the system. When possible real prices of the world would be listed for items. Zillow and/or Realty Trac will help determine values for houses in the US, along with either notes or "bidding" within the virtual economy or voting on "fair value" for a house. Clearly for 7 billion people to operate at once it would be a tall task, but if each person is rendering only 50 miles of their location and providing computing power for those 50 miles to everyone else on a cloud computing network, I think it could work.

I believe society would be much happier if they could demo where to live and work first, and their weekly costs and expenses, and if they could be put in a work environment that suits them best. Businesses would be way better off, because they get to assess talent through simulation first. Entrepreneurs would be way better off because they would get paired up with the ideal people to go out and try things and the go into the real world and do it. Extraction and production of resources and implementation would be more efficient, costs would be lower, ideas would be put into practice sooner, and society would accelerate their rate of evolution.

The money people make would be able to buy a lot more, and the business growth could result in a lot more money being produced and made as well.

The virtual earth could be a perfect replica, but everyone would take up a lot more virtual space or pixels, or else the virtual world would be less zoomed in, until more people join this network, then everything can shrink a little and be more zoomed in as more people join. Or it can always be a complete replica and AI players would just live in the AI house.

The virtual world would be a portal into other games, and game makers could either add to the code in an open source format, or else just have a launch point into gaming. Games would have a "demo" aspect. The virtual world could be free but game developers could pay the gaming system or whatever to have initial exposure. Based on popularity and ratings by individuals, games would either grow or contract their "virtual real estate" and virtual advertising "launch to" points. Individuals could also disable such ads based on criteria.

It would also be a system that is used to help assess talents so businesses can find and train future employees and even CEOs and leaders and so on.

Think of this virtual world as having "apps" only in a 3-d environment. Perhaps a bit like second life. But the focus would need to be in expanding the amount of people who can work together to expand this virtual world and also to be able to skype or use communication to try to translate their ideas from virtual to real life. The assistance of artificial technology is something that people can work on modifying into this (potentially open source) gaming system. So that people can describe what they want to try and the artificial intelligence tries to give them ideas, or previous models to implement their idea. Perhaps a group of people want to work on harnessing the waves powers and transforming them into energy. Perhaps there are previous models of hydropower that can be suggested and they can use the principals of those ideas and the try to improve upon it or better understand the technique.

I believe those with the ability to take action and make the world a better place have the responsibility to at least put in some effort to achieve these means and enhance society. Therefore I feel it is my duty to describe what I feel is the most valuable idea I can.

I feel with this technology, a golden age should be upon us. Without it, we will descend and the scarcity of resources shall become a problem.

The future starts with the youth anywhere from 3 year olds to adulthood. Much of the youth spends their time playing video games, interacting with others online and living in virtual worlds. Technology is evolving to make the virtual world more and more like the real world. However this is where I believe it is the responsibility of game maker, gaming systems, and those with the communication channels to take action. The virtual world may be "real enough" in terms of the look, feel, artificial intelligence and physics, but it does not go far enough in terms of using it as a training device to enhance humanity. This is my goal to communicate how the systems can be in place to make a quantom leap in technology and provide a greater feedback loop within gaming systems and their customers and increase the adaptability of the future of gaming to fit that which what people ask for.

Gaming has great entertainment value. However, that does not nearly describe what is possible with gaming. Typically aside for a very select few innovators, technology evolves linearly. It actually has been somewhat surprisingly predictable if you look at technology closely.
What occurs is something small expands and eventually goes commercial. multiple things go commercial and other things adapt to meet the demands set by whatever the consumer chooses and whatever technology seems to dominate the market.

Steve Jobs took the mp3 boom and the success of Napster, and packaged it in the technology that was available MP3 hardware, and made it more potent, and marketed it very well and made music affordable and portable. He then saw phones advancing and he took a fairly big leap forward with the Itouch and combined it with the Smart phone to produce the Iphone. However, with exceptions to the Ipod being a jump from a walkman, this is still a somewhat linear progression. In my mind I see two potential futures.

One is a linear progression to the same thing I have in mind. It could take a very long time if the scarcity of resources becomes an issue which is a high probability if technology does not continue to accelerate. But the other is a quantom LEAP forward, the type of leaps that have occurred in the past such as inventing telephones, wireless communications, automobiles (and Ford's commercialization of it), the invention of planes and commercialization of it, the invention of ionosphere technology by tesla and the many ways he tapped into it. The invention of the lightbulb and electricity and commercialization of power.

We need to work together to get this technology produced for the sake of the world. The initial cost will be made irrelevant by the type of world we will live in and the resources that will be available. We will be able to have energy for everyone so that every dollar we each have goes a lot more ways. Without hunger or energy being an issue many more people can start looking to PRODUCE. With the production comes greater enhancement and further evolution of society, and through this infrustructure and this system we should be able to live in the future even sooner than we would otherwise, and the production power of society will be increased greatly.

Being FIRST has a tremendous advantage for a business. Being the first to commercialize something is even more beneficial. Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, he merely commercialized it.
Ferdinand Verbiest and Karl Benz are two people mentioned as potentially the first inventor of the automobile, not Henry Ford. However, Henry Ford provided more value to more people through the commercialization of it and as a result was made more wealthy.

The mark of a successful society is how quickly an idea can go from a thought to implementation to commercialization.

I believe there isn't a single challenge facing humanity that cannot be solved if we all utilize our resources efficiently. Unfortunately we are stuck in the old way of doing things. Those too slow to adapt are impediments to our success as society. Every year millions of people starve to death. Not only are these people's loss of life tragic, but their time spent living could be more efficiently used to enhance humanity, rather than become a roadblock. Society needs to transform from a consumer of resources to a creator and intelligent implementer and transformer of those resources into a more effective way for society to evolve.

Currently I believe many talents go to waste. There is high unemployment and underemployment around the world, and those employed do not work as efficiently as they could. There are many people that look at robots as a hindrance to humans. That robots will replace humans. I believe that can be a good thing if it frees humans to more effectively transform society in a positive way. But in order for that to be possible, we need a system that effectively utilizes people's talents, and we also need a field that can create a large growth in entrepreneurship.

What society suffers from right now is a large amount of people that have many underutilized talents. I believe future gaming can be a perfect medium to train and assess those talents. I am a bit biased as a US resident, but I believe the stunning example of progress is best illustrated in the US. The American dream of coming up with a brand new idea, and starting a business that enhances society and makes everyone including yourself rich is still alive and well. However, so many people just doing what they are told, end up not having a chance to take that risk, and not knowing how, even though there are 7 billion people in the world, many of which have had a million or billion dollar idea at one point without the ability to implement it.

I believe the future of gaming has a responsibility to fill that void.
Call it a "gameocracy" or a "virtualocracy" if you like.

The way to be first is to see the future. Buckminster Fuller has many books that can better explain the natural progression of things and forecast the future by understanding the linear progression. But if you want to make huge leaps forward you need to skip all of the devices in the middle and figure out how you can use existing technology in a more productive way to not only work two steps ahead of everyone else, but increase the productive power of technology as a whole.

Even many people considered to be great innovators have failed to make drastic strides, but linear growth along with a few minor tweaks has been enough to progress technology in many ways even exponentially, and it does so in a way that makes them and their business rich. Steve Jobs saw the big picture. He made great leaps seeing the need and the opportunity available. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison however made perhaps even greater strides. They were able to see what wasn't there like no one else with all due respect to the great late Steve Jobs.

So what is the great leap forward?

I speak according to my vision of the future which I made years ago which so far has been accurate. The Wii U is the portable gaming technology that can be shared with the TV that I talked about. The Playstation Vita is very similar and the release date was 1 month from being in my projected range. Sony in fact did get into tablets to tap into the iphone market. I predict they will in fact consider getting into subscription gaming if they are smart and on top of things. Right now Amazon looks to be a step ahead of things there and Netflix is at risk of falling behind. You have to see what others around you are doing and how they will converge.

The technology behind gaming in the future will not be for entertainment purposes only. Cell phones, Facebook, Youtube, Skype, social media and the internet has lead to a lot more activism. Even if we are in the early stages and that activism is relatively primitive and thus is very uncivilized and unproductive, it can serve a greater purpose. I believe technology will further enhance people's ability to make a difference in a more productive way.

There are many people such as myself that want to enhance and increase the speed of technology growth in a productive way and that have tremendous ideas that can provide solutions to the world's problems. However, I lack the resources to do so. In the past, I only would have told a few close friends, and my parents and they would think the idea is very cool, but it wouldn't get too far. With the internet I can tell many more people who can tell their friends and perhaps some of the ideas that people get most excited about can spread in focus groups and things of this nature and eventually get to the people that have the businesses and that are in a position to make a difference.

I think much of the frustrations showed by the tea party, occupy wallstreet, and other protesting is caused because of problems of homelessness, hunger, and frustration, and wouldn't otherwise exist if we could take giant strides forward in technology to allow them to take an idea and have their idea either implemented or at least done so in a virtual world and shared with some real innovators. There are lots of people with the ideas but inability to impliment. There are lots of implimenters that are good at taking an idea and making it work but lack creativity and/or the ability to commercialize. There are lots of people that can take the production and put it into a system, without the means to do so. There are lots of financiers with the money and ability and desire to provide resources needed for the right ideas but lack the insight or understanding of how the process will go forward. There are lots of people with leadership to bring it together, but that lack the team with the right elements to lead. There are plenty of people with the natural conceptual understanding of an area, but without the training. There are 7billion people in this world, and so many with various unique necessary talents. If we can only have the insight to find the way to bring all these talents together, we should have a golden age

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Playstation 4 release date targeted around November 2012?

I have information that the Wii U will be ready November 2012, so it only makes sense that the next generation of video games is going to be out around that time frame. However, a new playsstation portable with PS3 quality graphics also could be around that same time period, so it's very possible they could put that against the Wii U and come out with the playstation 4 later on. Either way, late 2012 to early 2013 looks like the general timeframe and it will be more narrowed down as we get closer to the ultimate ps4 release date. If you've seen what the Wii U is like, it's almost as if they read the blog, with the touchpad controller that you can take with you and give an even more 3d like effect just like I talked about on this blog. Anyways, I would suspect that the playstation 4 would be around the same time. I haven't heard anything significant lately, unlike the Wii-U which has been shown. But there is indeed a playstation 4 at least in the production phase. The playstation portable to have playstation 3 quality games will have a chip coming out I believe around 2013 if my memory serves correctly, if not, check my other posts it's in there somewhere documented with the links.

I can't wait unltil the playstation 4 comes out. Sorry, short post today

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sony's Playstation Portable 2 "Next Generation Portable (NGP), PS phone, etc

Time to update you on what many diehards already know.but Sony confirmed the Playstation Portable 2 as confirmed. The successor of the playstation portable or PSP is in fact called the Next Generation Portable. It's very sleek of course, and although the tsunami may have delayed things it seems the PSP2 or NGP will be ready by christmas time before 2012.

In other news, Wii announced "Wii U" and Sony is rumored to have a new console the PS4 in 2012!
That is very fast and way ahead of what I expected. After the debut of the Playstation Move I thought they might have bought more time and in the meantime could focus on competing with Apple, and testing developments in the playstation network which could evolve into the playstation 4's network.
Since it's coming earlier than I thought it's probably not going to have virtual reality or eyewear. However, you probably still will have real world MMORPG games and the processing power will be to develop online gaming. You probably will have the playstation store still the main function and it probably is designed in conjunction with the PSP2... I mean the NXG... and the S1 and S2 by Sony Erricsson, as well as the playstation phone, aka "Sony Ericsson Xperia Play"

Looks like exponential is the name of the game and in fact technology is evolving even faster than I had predicted! It seems the PSP3 should be out in 2013 with PS3 quality graphics

Also... Developers are working on launch title games for playstation 4 and havebeen since late 2010, meaning that by the time they're done they expect the playstation 4 to be ready to launch. This means 2012 to 2014 will be launchtime for the PS4.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playstation Portable 3 Chip - PSP3 technology coming in 2012 to take Playstation 3 portable?

I have a source that says that a chip will be ready to produce technology powerful enough to put the quality of a playstation 3 on a portable network in 2012. Please be absolutely sure you understand that right, I am not suggesting a device will be out then, but the technology wil be there. Meaning, there will be a chip. There will be the nanotechnology available to condense the playstation 3 into the size of a phone. I do not know due to confidentiality agreements whether or not this is intended for a phone, a tablet or a playstation portable 2 or 3. Or perhaps it's not for Sony. I can only assume that the other peices of the device will be ready around the time of the chip, but there could easily be delays and it perhaps could not be until 2013 or 2014 or even 2015 when the playstation 3 goes portable. However, being that this is only one company, it's very possible there is another company that is working on the same thing that is already near completion and will be done by this year. I would estimate the playstation portable will have playstation 3 quality by the end of 2013 based on this information, but that's only a guess.
I am excited to see what Sony unveils in Januurary 27th at the Tokyo Press Conference.

Generally you will see a peice of technology get beter, and the portable version of that technology will play catch up. It would not be too farfetched to assume that the playstation 4 will be released before then, however at this point with the playstation move transforming technology and repackaging the Sony as a new gaming system and selling as if it's a new system, it's possible that the Sony will get a few more years out of the device. I was pretty confident that the Sony would come up with something new in 2010 as far back as 2006. They needed something before then to make the Playstation fresh again. I thought it could be the playstation 4.. but instead it was the playstation move. I am now confident that playstation has decided to use that to tide console gamers over for awhile while they work on mobile gaming and notebook gaming. So now they will have the first generation of playstation phones, playstation tablets, playstation portables and possible even follow up with a 2nd or 3rd generation, before we see a playstation 4. There are other things as well to consider. Will Sony push it's 3-d TV and us a device to promote it? Will Sony advance the playstation move and add in 3d eyewear that act as an additional motion controller to monitor head movements? Will Sony improve the PS move with another accessory that attaches to the legs to monitor feet motion? Will pico projector technology be next? Pico projector technology has the capabilities of a pen being able to project a keybord out in front of you so that you can type with your fingers on a table and you have a keyboard that you can take with you. If this technology takes off, playstation could go in a completely new direction. This is what makes it very hard to figure out what's next. Perhaps this pico projector technology could evolve so that it projects onto 3d eyewear and gives you 3d gaming on the go. This would take the current technology of 3d gaming portable which would be a logical progression as well, while being new and innovative. Especially if it is combined with motion technology so that it monitors your head movements. Perhaps there could be a way to put a camera on it as well and the playstation move could either be used or modified into a new device that is similar that allows you to play motion gaming on the go in 3d.

If I were to guess right now, I have a potential logical timeline although I am a bit biased towards speed because I believe the rate at which information/technological breakthroughs increase is exponential. The internet was stage one giving everyone access to the information they need so anyone can have the knowledge to create a business. Mobile internet (apps) is the early stages of having that information orginized. A micro stage of the internet was a site that orginizes that information and allows those seeking information to get it while providing a medium for advertising to online businesses, and an increase in speed. A micro stage of the mobile internet boom was an increase in style that you might have missed if you blinked and we're already in the thick of it with all sorts of different kinds of Ebookreaders, netbooks, ipads, smart phones and now gaming phones. The next stage will be something that levels the playing field which will bring along with it a social frenzy towards entreprenuership which could easily come in the aftermath of a reccession, and out of that technology, the rate at which new inventions and technology is improved will accelerate even more.
A micro stage could be an app that makes it simple to create new apps, as well as an app that makes it simple to hire and fire employees, build online businesses and apps, and orginize human effort.  Maybe I'm over estimating the human will to work when life is so easy as it is for some, although I think there is going to be a global mania of some sort just like the dot com. Maybe I'm underestimating the large conglomerates ability to get in the way and prevent the playing field from being leveled, rather than learning to adapt themselves. Maybe I'm underestimating the length of time it will take.

Anways, I'm pretty confident that PSP3 will be here by 2014. That changes my perspective on everything else, so here is my timeline for Sony.


-Playstation phone in the spring-Summer.

-playstation tablet, a netbook/ereader in fall-winter


-playstation portable 2 in summer 2012

-2nd generation playstation phone with playstation portable 2 technology in Fall

-Advancement in playstation move and/or motion gaming. Playstation eyewear?


Spring playstation eyewear connects with playstation portable 2

-Summer playstation tablet 2nd generation with playstation 2 games

-Fall Playstation network to compete with netflix, first with gaming rental system, 2nd with movies/TV shows.

-Winter Playstation portable 3 release with PS3 quality gaming (may be delayed)


Playstation begins to integrate pico projection into gaming somehow. Could just be as an accessory first.

Playstation 4 released sometime around now, but no later than 2016.

Playstation move/3d gaming goes portable possibly PSP3 is delayed until now as it would make a great feature to catch everyone's attention.

Playstation Tablet 3rd generation with Playstation 3 quality gaming released


The fine line between fantasy and reality becomes even more fine and very gray as new technology makes gaming so realistic, possibly tapping into a thought network of some sort. Thought based gaming starts to evolve so thoughts can control devices and so games can influence thoughts through brainwave interaction.


The fine line becomes transparant compared to current reality, however reality itself from this point on will be transformed as people are able to tap into some sort of field where they can share the collective thoughts of everyone, brainwaves can be manufactured and influenced to cure people of hostility and any mental instability, and people are able to share their creativity and ideas to better humanity as the synergy from everyone thinking of ideas together how to solve challenges can lead to solving world hunger, and water and energy crisis and the future will be wonderful for everyone. I am not saying that happens this year, but the technology will start to be put in place from this point onward where that wil gradually become a reality, and a whole new technology much like the internet or smartphones joined thoughts and concepts together, allowing people to share ideas and orginize data in a more effecient way to share information. Smartphones better orginized that information through apps. This next technology will take it one step farther. It will be like tapping into a matrix of ideas and such.

Monday, January 17, 2011

PSP2, Playstation Tablet, Playstation Phone, or Sony Codename Zeus- Sony Set to Reveal New Device, Janurary 27th 2011 - Possibly

Janurary 27th is the day Sony is going to reveal something. According to Wall Street Journal it will combine a game player with an ebook reader and a netbook computer. Is this the PSP2? It is widely speculated to be the PSP2. However, perhaps it's the sony playstation tablet. Perhaps the playstation portable 2 will function as a tablet and PSP2 will just be the name they give it. Perhaps a tablet will come next. Personally, I think it is going to have to have a bigger screen to be a ebook reader that can compete with kindle and Barnes and Nobel's Nook and the Ipad. It's innovative in that it combines the device. I think the screen is going to have to be fairly large. Some fans came up with interesting prototypes that feature the entire front side of the device as the screen, offering more viewing room on the screen, however, the screen will slide open revealing a hand held controller. It sounds like there will be a button or two on the back of the device, and it makes me wonder if the controller could be a touch screen controller. This would be a dramatic change and a little unexpected from a console system company that's always featured a controller with buttons, even with the playstation move there are buttons. It's also possible that the screen has a fulcrum that allows you to rotate the screen to the back, where it will feature a touch panel. An ebook reader and netbook on one sitde, and the controller on the other.
This marks a very exciting time for gaming fans as this could be the day where the future of playstation is revealed.

So a few options are
1) A gaming phone/ playstation phone to compete with windows 7 phone
2) A playstation portable 2 to compete with nintendo DS
3) A playstation netbook reader with games on it to compete with kindle.
4) A playstation tablet or "gamers ipad" to compete with Apple's Ipad.
5) A playstation 4 that revolutionizes gaming and functions as a network similar to netflix... The difference is this network would feature gaming and you can either use a portable playstation 4 device to upload games to your playstation 3 to play games, or you can play games on the go
6) A combination of all of the above

regardless of what the rewsult is, I can't imagine a more exciting time for gaming than to await the release of a new playstation or Sony device that could change the present and future of technology.

I'm crammed with time right now, so I don't have time to summarize the details, but here's some valuable links on the subject.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sony Playstation Tablet: The Next Big Thing?

It's always tough to consider what the future of technology will bring when looking too far into the future, however, when you look at under 1 year or 2 down the line, it's not too hard to see what's been developed and what patnerships are forming and what's next.

As we already know, Google and Sony are teaming up to create "internet TV". However, it is rumored that Sony is teaming up with Google on the Playstation Phone which should debut in 2011. If this is true, it only seems obvious that if Sony wants to compete with Apple along with Google, that the Playstation Tablet is next.

It's unclear whether or not they will call either of these devices the "Playstation Portable 2" or PSP2 for short, or if they will keep that as a seperate device, or perhaps no longer use that term to describe either of their products. Maybe they will even use the names "PSP2 and PSP3" for both of them while using the alternate name "Playstation Phone" and "Playstation Tablet". However, that's minor details that don't concern anyone that is simply trying to envision the future of technology.

It's my belief that the combination of Sony products that have recently debuted, (Playstation 3, Playstation Move accessory for the PS3 and 3d TV, as well as the PS3 and PS3 move allowing gaming that is compatible with 3d TV) along with new advancements in partnerships with Netflix and Hulu Plus making games deliverable to PS 3 consoles, combined with the future release of the Playstation Phone and the partnerships with Google, that Sony is ready to really try to make a crack into the Apple market.

Anyone else, I would laugh, and if Sony wasn't partnered with Google, they still might not have a chance. But Sony, just like Apple is known for it's large loyal customer base that buys the new systems year after year. We're talking about the original sony playstation as well as the playstation 2 selling over 100 million copies world wide. Playstation 3 has struggled to sell that many and as of the end of September is 3rd after the Wii an Xbox360.

However, it seems that with the Playstation Move that it will continue to increase it's sales and the Playstation Portable sold over 50 Million as well. The combination of portable console markets gaining loyal customers that nintendo currently is dominating, but a new innovation will make it possible to gain more customers, along with console gamers that have 10s of millions of customer that will easily eclipse 100 million, despite xbox becoming more of a force... in combination with all of the Sony TVs and the partnership with Google could easily be enough to start giving Apple a run for it's money on smart phone sales. Combine that with Sony building off that success and releasing a playstation tablet or "gamer's ipad" and Sony could suddenly become a huge force and innovator in what is currently Apple's market, possibly leading to apple starting to create TVs and game consoles to start innovating in Sony's market...

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