Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playstation Portable 3 Chip - PSP3 technology coming in 2012 to take Playstation 3 portable?

I have a source that says that a chip will be ready to produce technology powerful enough to put the quality of a playstation 3 on a portable network in 2012. Please be absolutely sure you understand that right, I am not suggesting a device will be out then, but the technology wil be there. Meaning, there will be a chip. There will be the nanotechnology available to condense the playstation 3 into the size of a phone. I do not know due to confidentiality agreements whether or not this is intended for a phone, a tablet or a playstation portable 2 or 3. Or perhaps it's not for Sony. I can only assume that the other peices of the device will be ready around the time of the chip, but there could easily be delays and it perhaps could not be until 2013 or 2014 or even 2015 when the playstation 3 goes portable. However, being that this is only one company, it's very possible there is another company that is working on the same thing that is already near completion and will be done by this year. I would estimate the playstation portable will have playstation 3 quality by the end of 2013 based on this information, but that's only a guess.
I am excited to see what Sony unveils in Januurary 27th at the Tokyo Press Conference.

Generally you will see a peice of technology get beter, and the portable version of that technology will play catch up. It would not be too farfetched to assume that the playstation 4 will be released before then, however at this point with the playstation move transforming technology and repackaging the Sony as a new gaming system and selling as if it's a new system, it's possible that the Sony will get a few more years out of the device. I was pretty confident that the Sony would come up with something new in 2010 as far back as 2006. They needed something before then to make the Playstation fresh again. I thought it could be the playstation 4.. but instead it was the playstation move. I am now confident that playstation has decided to use that to tide console gamers over for awhile while they work on mobile gaming and notebook gaming. So now they will have the first generation of playstation phones, playstation tablets, playstation portables and possible even follow up with a 2nd or 3rd generation, before we see a playstation 4. There are other things as well to consider. Will Sony push it's 3-d TV and us a device to promote it? Will Sony advance the playstation move and add in 3d eyewear that act as an additional motion controller to monitor head movements? Will Sony improve the PS move with another accessory that attaches to the legs to monitor feet motion? Will pico projector technology be next? Pico projector technology has the capabilities of a pen being able to project a keybord out in front of you so that you can type with your fingers on a table and you have a keyboard that you can take with you. If this technology takes off, playstation could go in a completely new direction. This is what makes it very hard to figure out what's next. Perhaps this pico projector technology could evolve so that it projects onto 3d eyewear and gives you 3d gaming on the go. This would take the current technology of 3d gaming portable which would be a logical progression as well, while being new and innovative. Especially if it is combined with motion technology so that it monitors your head movements. Perhaps there could be a way to put a camera on it as well and the playstation move could either be used or modified into a new device that is similar that allows you to play motion gaming on the go in 3d.

If I were to guess right now, I have a potential logical timeline although I am a bit biased towards speed because I believe the rate at which information/technological breakthroughs increase is exponential. The internet was stage one giving everyone access to the information they need so anyone can have the knowledge to create a business. Mobile internet (apps) is the early stages of having that information orginized. A micro stage of the internet was a site that orginizes that information and allows those seeking information to get it while providing a medium for advertising to online businesses, and an increase in speed. A micro stage of the mobile internet boom was an increase in style that you might have missed if you blinked and we're already in the thick of it with all sorts of different kinds of Ebookreaders, netbooks, ipads, smart phones and now gaming phones. The next stage will be something that levels the playing field which will bring along with it a social frenzy towards entreprenuership which could easily come in the aftermath of a reccession, and out of that technology, the rate at which new inventions and technology is improved will accelerate even more.
A micro stage could be an app that makes it simple to create new apps, as well as an app that makes it simple to hire and fire employees, build online businesses and apps, and orginize human effort.  Maybe I'm over estimating the human will to work when life is so easy as it is for some, although I think there is going to be a global mania of some sort just like the dot com. Maybe I'm underestimating the large conglomerates ability to get in the way and prevent the playing field from being leveled, rather than learning to adapt themselves. Maybe I'm underestimating the length of time it will take.

Anways, I'm pretty confident that PSP3 will be here by 2014. That changes my perspective on everything else, so here is my timeline for Sony.


-Playstation phone in the spring-Summer.

-playstation tablet, a netbook/ereader in fall-winter


-playstation portable 2 in summer 2012

-2nd generation playstation phone with playstation portable 2 technology in Fall

-Advancement in playstation move and/or motion gaming. Playstation eyewear?


Spring playstation eyewear connects with playstation portable 2

-Summer playstation tablet 2nd generation with playstation 2 games

-Fall Playstation network to compete with netflix, first with gaming rental system, 2nd with movies/TV shows.

-Winter Playstation portable 3 release with PS3 quality gaming (may be delayed)


Playstation begins to integrate pico projection into gaming somehow. Could just be as an accessory first.

Playstation 4 released sometime around now, but no later than 2016.

Playstation move/3d gaming goes portable possibly PSP3 is delayed until now as it would make a great feature to catch everyone's attention.

Playstation Tablet 3rd generation with Playstation 3 quality gaming released


The fine line between fantasy and reality becomes even more fine and very gray as new technology makes gaming so realistic, possibly tapping into a thought network of some sort. Thought based gaming starts to evolve so thoughts can control devices and so games can influence thoughts through brainwave interaction.


The fine line becomes transparant compared to current reality, however reality itself from this point on will be transformed as people are able to tap into some sort of field where they can share the collective thoughts of everyone, brainwaves can be manufactured and influenced to cure people of hostility and any mental instability, and people are able to share their creativity and ideas to better humanity as the synergy from everyone thinking of ideas together how to solve challenges can lead to solving world hunger, and water and energy crisis and the future will be wonderful for everyone. I am not saying that happens this year, but the technology will start to be put in place from this point onward where that wil gradually become a reality, and a whole new technology much like the internet or smartphones joined thoughts and concepts together, allowing people to share ideas and orginize data in a more effecient way to share information. Smartphones better orginized that information through apps. This next technology will take it one step farther. It will be like tapping into a matrix of ideas and such.