Friday, November 5, 2010

Ideas for the PSP2

If I were to describe the perfect PSP2 I would want it to be more simple, and I would want it to function as a controller for all games, not just playstation store PS1 and PS2 games. I don't care if the quality is a little bit worse, I want the PSP2 to function as a playstation move controller. Maybe they intend on the PSP phone being a regular playstation controller, but the playstation portable 2 if it is in fact a seperate device could have motion sensor technology and be used to control your PS3 games remotely even if you're halfway around the world as long as your PS3 is on. If the PS3 isn't ready for this, it could at least be a feature that will be available once the playstation 4 gets released. Maybe that means you have to come up with a USB port and a place to plug in that ORB into your PSP2 so that you can use it as such. However, think of how an iphone has a camera and inertial scanning devices to detect movement. I think it shouldbe able to work as a playstation move controller even if you are away from your TV. But if it is annoying you simply turn the motion portion off, and you use it as if you would a playstation 3 controller.

The difference of course is that aside from automatically syncing via wireless and playstation network login to your game consol, it has a screen and the ability to play and save on your PS3 hard drive. I mean I want to take my playstation 3 gaming experience with me as best as I can. There's always a cycle of technology. Make something easy to make small scale, then commercialize it, then make it bigger and better, then make it portable at similar quality and make it bigger and better so it's as good or better than the original, and make it more and more convenient, and then integrate it with another technology and then make that portable and so on.

Additionally, I want the ability to use my PSP2 as a phone, even if the PS Phone is one too. I don't know, maybe it's a touch phone like iphone, maybe you select a name from a list and you have a keyboard which you can use your thumb as a controller to a mouse. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to make phone access, regardless of whether it's similar to an iphone or an ipad in size. I don't have a preference on whether it's like a laptop or like an iphone, but if it's possible to sell the same device in two sizes, with maybe a few extra features on each, more sales for you.

A main idea I have is subscription gaming! If playstation is smart, they will not only cut into apple's market but netflix as well! I mean there's a reason netflix is successful and growing at a breakneck speed! They have great business model, they have done great advertising and promotional things, and their idea of having people pay a subscription service and allow them to watch all they want streaming, and no late fees is great... Now some people rent video games, do you think it would be hard to make your playstation "store" a subscription service instead? First you give it away free. Nothing excites people like free! You don't have to even have this subscription service debut when the PSP2 does as you can add it later just like you added the PS move! This way people pay $10 or $20 per month and get all the games they want. Then you expand and you start allowing them to have all the movies and TV shows they want. When you begin adding features, then you charge for it, and then you increase the price once you have attracted enough loyal customers. So at that point people pay maybe a little bit more than netflix or even the same amount and they get both games and movies streaming.

Forget about physical delivery of DVDs, that way you don't have to worry about shipping and you are capturing a market that uses their PS3 (which you should be able to wirelessly load the movies and video games onto remotely)... and you are keeping costs low. Remember you already have a partnership with netflix so they can watch movies on your device by streaming it, but It's not neccesary to get into a physical disk drive market when you've already said the future of playstation may not include a physical disk drive. Well... here's your chance, if you want to plan for the future, the movies will be temporary uploaded to your hard drive. Think about it, people are on break at work, and they want to download a movie or game to watch or play tognight... So they open up their PS phone app, select order movie, and they order it for free if they pay their monthly subscription. digital copies of data is virtually almost no cost, why do you have to worry about how many games people play? Instead, you can charge them more per month if they go over their storage on your server by saving not on memory cards but storing their games on the internet on your server/network instead.

They can have movies ON the actual PS phone and PSP2, but you are also able to download it TO the playstation 3 and then watch it from there. The PSP2 could easily be a very smooth transition into the future of gaming and start really having features that the PS4 will have.

I believe the PS4 will take 3d gaming to the next level and take 3d gaming portable. The PSP2 is probably too early for such technology. But PSP4 could have an eyewear device that projects either in front of you or directly onto your eyes so that you can see in 3d. It's more of a virtual realityeyewear with motion sensors to detect head movements. The playstation 4 can be portable, and maybe the PSP2 can be made good enough so that all that's needed is an accessory like the playstation motion so that the PS4 can be delayed and made to be much more of a breakthrough in the areas of thought technology. This one instead would be eyewear and can also be an added feature that works with the PS3 so that aside from seeing games in 3d, you can also move your head back and forth and the game will detect this movement. dodge punches that are coming at you in 3d by moving your head to the side, then fire one back by actually punching the air with your playstation move accessory, then hit a switch on your eyewear and go elsewhere in your house and you can still play the game. The improvements may have to come from the server, but I'm thinking that eventually, maybe 5 years or so, there will be a need to process information even faster... I'm thinking our thoughts are going to have to become evolved at some point. I'm thinking that the experience will have to feel more real. The vibrations will have to feel more like actual sensations that would occur rather than a simple buzz. Maybe even put on nodes on your body so you can have a sensation like a small electrical zap felt when whatever part of your body is hit. Full on emersion in the game.

Much of the ideas I have about playstation 4 that I have mentioned many times on this blog could easily be applied to the playstation portable 2 if it is done right, or possibly the PSP phone.

Given that the release date could be sometime in 2011, I am leaning towards PSP2 being pretty much like an iphone or ipad only with it's core focus on gaming. We know that PS phone is to be released in 2011 but it's unclear whether or not the PSP2 IS the playstation phone or not. I believe that the PSP Phone will be made to compete with the Iphone, and the PSP2 is to compete with the Ipad but we shall see.