Saturday, December 2, 2006

PS4 could drop discs entirely

PS4 could drop discs entirely

Sayonara disc drive?

wednesday, 9th aug 2006

With the PS3's worldwide launch in November drawing ever nearer and Sony still enduring fierce criticism of the forthcoming console from some quarters, what better time to begin speculating on the PlayStation 4 system? In step Sony Computer Entertainment executive Phil Harrison, who reckons the PS4 won't have a physical disk drive, according to comments made in an interview with Wired magazine.

The worldwide studios boss reckons that by the time the PS4 reaches us the world of digital entertainment will be all about distribution via the internet. "We have to change the business model. We have to find a new way to reach the consumer," the big cheese reckons.

Pointing to Korean online racer Kart Rider, Harrison believes such games show the path to the future of gaming, where the game itself can be had for free over the internet, but a plethora of expansions and upgrades can be purchased and downloaded. Apparently, twelve-million Korean's are currently enjoying that title.

"I'd be amazed if the PS4 had a physical disc drive," Harrison affirmed. Digital distribution is of course widely regarded as a delivery method of growing importance, that said, its hard to see where Blu-ray might fit in with this. More soon.

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