Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Playstation 4 release date targeted around November 2012?

I have information that the Wii U will be ready November 2012, so it only makes sense that the next generation of video games is going to be out around that time frame. However, a new playsstation portable with PS3 quality graphics also could be around that same time period, so it's very possible they could put that against the Wii U and come out with the playstation 4 later on. Either way, late 2012 to early 2013 looks like the general timeframe and it will be more narrowed down as we get closer to the ultimate ps4 release date. If you've seen what the Wii U is like, it's almost as if they read the blog, with the touchpad controller that you can take with you and give an even more 3d like effect just like I talked about on this blog. Anyways, I would suspect that the playstation 4 would be around the same time. I haven't heard anything significant lately, unlike the Wii-U which has been shown. But there is indeed a playstation 4 at least in the production phase. The playstation portable to have playstation 3 quality games will have a chip coming out I believe around 2013 if my memory serves correctly, if not, check my other posts it's in there somewhere documented with the links.

I can't wait unltil the playstation 4 comes out. Sorry, short post today