Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Preorder Playstation 4

Preorder Playstation 4

A lot of people are excited about the playstation 4 debut, and many ask, "how can I preorder it"? It's a good question, considering how so many people rushed to reserve the playstation 3, that it seems obvious the playstation 4 will have serious demand. The PS4 game console, will no doubt in line with sony tradition be another mania of demand, with line stuffing excitement on it's release date. It's obvious why anyone would want to grab a copy as soon as they can. Unfortunately you can't reserve your copy before it's invented as far as I'm aware of. The rumors continue to circulate that PS4 may be ready as early as late 2010. My guess is it won't be out that soon, but it's entirely possible.

Who knows what kind of future games will be available for the upcoming new game console? But wouldn't it be nice to order it in advance?

Order the Playstation 4 Early

There's certainly a lot of value in preordering it. Game consoles often simply do not have enough games in stock when they are released. Whether they actually can't get enough physical product out, or if it's just a marketing ploy is irrelevant, the fact is there are plenty of rich people at home who are willing to buy their golden ticket to the cutting edge of technology. People sometimes sell a brand new playstation unit for thousands of dollars, in some cases 5 figures. Being able to turn your playstation 4 unit into massive cash by selling the unit on ebay, is only one reason to preorder it.

You probably want to lock it in at a fixed price yourself so you don't have to be the one paying thousands of dollars to get it.

In addition , you want to make sure you can actually receive one because you just can't miss out on this breakthrough technology.

Rare Playstation 4 picture

So how exactly would you preorder it?
Unfortunately, it's too early to say...
But Check back here in the future and when we find out how, we will notify you. You then will be able to check through our Playstation 4 release date blog links and you will be able to Preorder the Playstation 4.

Update: I believe the best way to handle this business is to keep in contact with sony. You should be on a playstation list, and you should also have a friend or two that works at the stores. This will help you get information before anyone else, so you can quickly preorder it. You might try stopping by and handing them a card with your name and number as well as a note that you want to be notified about any information pertaining to a playstation 4. Additionally, there are plenty of websites which contain news on playstation 3, ps4, and other gaming related news. If you make sure to check with gaming websites constantly you will find the information you need. I have other things going on right now, and periodically, however I will research some info for you and try to get you updated info on the PS4.

Update 11/12: It is my belief that the direction sony went in was to provide the PS Move as a way to refresh and resell the playstation 3. This will help them gain on Nintendo without actually a new game console. As a result they will focus on PSP2, PS Mobile, and PS Tablets and other technology for awhile. If you want to preorder the playstation 4, you are going to have to sit on your hands and wait. In the meantime, perhaps you can preorder the playstation phone or the playstation portable 2.