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Playstation 4 to read minds, playstation 5 to cure cancer

We already know that the sony has the technology available to make playstation 4 read minds, but just what else could it do?

We've all heard the exagerations of any new product. The old joke goes "if you want to get something to sell, convince people it will be the cure for everything". Mock ads of products that take this line of marketing make fun of them for over promising and under deliver. We've seen fake ads show magic pills that give you instant enlightenment and knowledge, cure cancer, make the fat thin and fit, make the blind see and the crippled walk, give you perfect physical health, increase your sexual performance and helps you to get any man or woman you want to desire you. But what if someday that's not so far fetched afterall?

In a Previous post, back in June of 2007, I talked about how I believed the PS4 would contain what I call "thought process engineering". The idea is that not only would the playstation 4 be able to READ our thought processes, but with the assistence of a PS4 we could actually model our own thought processes in the exact way we wanted.
I'm very excited to say that part 1 of what I call "thought process engineering" is already not only possible, but easily attainable and probable, and we have yet to see the results of emotiv, but if profitable, playstation 4 will probably begin working on it right away.
But part 2, being able to use the PS4 to model our thought processes requires that the machine can not only receive and use this information but also transmit us and allow 2 way communication with... our own thoughts. (Your imaginary friend is back, and this time is just like you, lol!)

Say we wanted to feel more passion, desire, confidence, excitement, joy, etc. The idea is that if we have the technology for a game to READ our thoughts by detecting the vibrations of the brainwaves, why can't we also learn to have the next playstation game console be able to through the use of the console's game controller, it can actually TRANSMIT those desired thoughts and emotions back to us?

Certainly would take a new meaning to "controller" as it literally would be able to control our mind in the way that we allow it to. Obviously that might be a little scary so the user would certainly have to have the option of turning up or down the game's influence, or turn it completely off, but if we could harness this technology, our wildest dreams would only be a thought away from seeming like reality. And since we have to be able to visualize something before we can make it a reality, we could learn to simulate actual careers and train our minds to become better golfers or more musical or mathematical.

Studies show that our DNA can not only transmit light photons, but actually receive them as well. Photons, contain micro bits of information, and that information is constantly past back and forth. It would be great if a playstation 4 or wii 2 or xbox 720 or another future game console could harness this information and use it to advance technology.

Scientist wanted to create absolute zero, the idea being that there is zero movement between atoms and molecules. And so they built a machine that they thought would get them there. But it turns out the closer they got, the more and more energy was needed to get there, and when they got close, photons were still transmitting data. Some evidence shows that information can be sent light years away instantanously. Quantom String Theory seems to show evidence that there are universally long quantom strings that threads make up the entire universe and that information can be past through these strings. The ps4 potentially could tap into this knowledge by directing the flow of this information, the way we do with our thoughts everyday.

All of this information shows that there is at least a potential scientific explination for psychic phenomenon. But we can't tap into it if we continue to use less than 10% of our brains potential. We can't to our current knowledge sort that information very well, and w cant control HOW that information is transmitted and received.
But what if we could?

What if we could fiure out how to specifically direct the flow of information in such a way that we could transmit these messages. Eventually we could learn to pick up this new "language", by reguarly interracting with it, and use the senses we more fully understand (like sight and sound), to let us know what information is being sent to us. We could synchronize everyone to this same frequency so we could better learn to understand each other.

We could harness our own evolutionary power. People with growth deficiency or injuries could have the PS4 to stimulate growth hormones. People that were blind due to eye damage could have their brains receive the same information they would if they were actually seeing. People that couldn't walk, could stimulate signals in the brain to regain feeling, and perhaps advance the recovery. Perhaps cancer patients could even send have brainwaves sent to let their body know not to allow this growth.

This idea to record brainwaves and transmit them back to the same person, or even more advanced send them to someone else, or even more advanced, use a model to change those waves slightly and send them back has not been accomplished yet to my knowledge. The idea is that you use someone's brain waves make a mold of that pattern, and send them back to someone else. This is the reverse of what they do with Emotiv. So far we only have where man can mentally communicate with the game console. Emotiv tracks what you like about a particular game, and it may be able to better change it's game to suit your needs. Perhaps the breakthrough technology of the PS4 will be that we can take someone hooked up to a playstation 4 "controller" or brain remote, and not only will the machine be able to read the brainwaves, and change the game, but it might have a feature where you tell the machine what mood you are in on a scale of one to 10, and the game will use that information to actually record your brainwaves, and "reward" you by resubmitting these brainwaves back to you at a later time. Perhaps you will be able to "upload" your own thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and have them transmitted back to you whenever you choose, or even tell the machine what thesefeelings are, and the game will associate certain thoughts and feelings with actions in the game. So you weren't able to save the new final fantasy character, perhaps you will feel sad.
I could even speculate that perhaps playstation 4, 5, or 6 would tap into a "universal consciousness" by "logging in" online, and then have your brainwaves synchronized with other gamers that have similar brainwaves. Perhaps we could even use this technology to directly transmit thoughts with friends. Perhaps we could "matrix" the information much like Keanu Reaves was programed in the movie the matrix to download the skills to instantly learn martial arts, and to learn to fly a helicopter. Who knows what the future could bring. With a future game console, maybe 2, 3 or 4 game generations away, the information age would expload into a new age as we would not only be able to upload all the information, but have all of the mental and emotional abilities we wanted, and even stimulate our growth hormones to give us over time the physical abilities we wanted.

This all might sound a little weird, especially the whole tapping into "universal consciousness" by having everyone connect together and learn of each other's thoughts, and certainly it would have to be used with great care... But if this could be perfected, we could all better come to a more positive understanding of each other, and there would be no need for hatred and predjudice... so now it could create world peace.

I'm laughing as I type this, because not only does this describe the potential of future PS4s and PS5s, but the power of our own mind, and because of what I'm actually saying the future could bring.

So the old saying is to give them the idea that your product can be the cure for all. I think a better approach would be to actually create something that achieves results. So perhaps the future of gaming, such as future sony playstations, could do exactly like these psuedo-ads of magic pills could do and then some.
Coming soon, the playstation 4 and playstation 5. It will give you instant enlightenment and knowledge, cure cancer, make the fat thin and fit, make the blind see and the crippled walk, give you perfect physical health, increase your sexual performance and helps you to get any man or woman you want to desire you.... oh yeah... and create world peace.

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