Monday, April 12, 2010

Playstation 4 Scam

Anyone claiming that you can buy or preorder the playstation 4 right now when it's not even invented is scamming you. I talk about how you can monitor the situation and potentially preorder it as soon as possible, but even that is more of being notified when you can preorder it.

However, there's another scam once the playstation 4 is actually out. When The playstation 4 is released, I expect there to be the same old scam that has been delivered since the playstation 2 was released. Actually, even prior to it's release people may attempt this.

The scam is when the ebay seller provides a product and has the title like "playstation - 4!" or "4 playstation" or "Playstation unit 4x" "playstation 4 units!. Then in the fine print the seller says "the winning bidder receieves 4 units of playstation 1 game console."

The scam is that you do not get playstation 4 unit as you may have suspected from the title and potentially misleading picture. Rather than getting the PS4 game console, you instead receive the PS one 4 times.

This was repeated with the PS3 and PS2, but also with the Xbox, where the winner won a box with the letter X on it.

In many ways some will view this not as a scam because the seller will actually go out of his or her way to clearly indicate that the item is not as it may seem, however because people have a tendency to trust with blind faith and no verification; expecting entities such as the better business bureaus and governement agencies to protect them, they get caught up in the excitement of the bidding and fail to realize what they have done.

To avoid this scam simply do your due dilligence. First, check the ebayer's score (or other online auction), then check the ebayers description thouroughly. Also, be aware of what ebay tells you to do to protect yourself. Ebay makes it possible to not have to pay if your product is not delivered, however they will likely not refund you due to your own lack of attention.