Monday, February 12, 2007

2012 - a date for technology making the PS3 look primitive

*warning: this post (as well others) is extremely speculative, and makes a great assumption, and as such, it is not intended to be taken very seriously, however may express some things that are of great possibility .The year 2012... Significant in many aspects especially towards the end of the year. There are many theories that it will be the the end of the earth... The apocalypse based on Mayan predictions and the bible code. Actually some scholars now believe the Mayan calander is off and the end date actually isn't for much later than 2012, however collectively everyone is still focused on that date. Astrologically 2012 is known as "zero point". However others reason that although it is a significant, it will not be the death of the earth, but simply a new age. Apocalypse simply means "the awakening". A time when the current economical and political states will vanish, and the human race will become more aware of it's potential. Some even say that we will evolve and our DNA itself will transformed. Many say that the "photon belt" an astrological belt of a high frequency of energy and light is approaching. Sounds science fiction? Indeed!

But I'm not here to talk about the theories of humanity's end, or transformation, I'm here to talk about another reason that has not been mentioned yet. The overall knowledge in the world has been doubling throughout history. Not only that, but the rate in which it's doubling is accelerating exponentially. Currently the amount of available knowledge will double once in under 18 months. If the trend continues to speed up the doubling rate, the amount of knowledge at the beginning of 2012 will double every day. Towards the end of 2012 it will double every nanosecond. With this kind of knowledge, one can only wonder what it will do to technology. Moore's law says that the speed of technology (for a fixed size) doubles about once every 18 months. This was not done by looking back far enough to notice it's patterns, but I would guess that technology and knowledge run closely parallel.

Enough with the talk, what's this mean for PS4, which could very likely be released somewhere around that time?

The answer: Whatever you want it to.

Get out your sci-fi books and movies, because if any of this is remotely true, the things we will be able to do in 2012 will be seemingly an infinite amount of times more than we currently can. This means that your very thoughts will be able to influence the design of the game. The games will connect to the network where all thoughts will create additions and "tweak" the game. Perhaps that means the system is not a physical gaming system, but instead a neural network we can tap into with our thoughts, and that way connect with everything and everyone. With this collective consciousness (rather than collective unconscious which is what famed psychologist Karl Jung believed was something that many geniuses tapped into for all major source of inspiration), we will actively be able to access the seemingly infinite.

Believe it or not, but there already has been research study where participants using their thoughts and the type of technology that can detect brainwaves and intention, were able to, with a 70% success rate, move a cursor, grab an object and move it on a screen.

Imagine as you read, the mouse you move to scroll this page down will once not exist. Simply think of the cursor moving down, and it will.

But I suspect a much more intimate relationship of you and your PS4. Not only will you be able to control the games action with your thoughts, but the games actions will influence your thoughts in a way that seems real.

Smell touch taste and feel what you would if you were in the game (of course the pain-threshold would be tuned way down, and the amount of violent games with your entire "experience" would be greatly limited). If you're blind, deaf, or lack any of your 5 senses, you still will enjoy the experience as if you had all 5 senses. It will stimulate the areas of the brain of "seeing", and perhaps through such sensations it may actually be able to simulate sight for people that still have healthy eyes but are blind due to the brain being unable to access the areas of the brain responsible for sight.

Enjoy any experience known to man. Take a magical journey to wherever your mind can take you. In fact, the game may have a mind of its own, learning which experiences stimulates your desired emotional states, and giving you more of it. Instantly learn any skills in the world like Neo when he downloaded a ton of info and suddenly said "I know kung fu" or instantly became a pilot.

But as my imagination is limited somewhat by my knowledge, this is only the beginning.

So prepare yourself to enter the matrix, take the red pill and see just how far this rabbit hole will go. A world of fantasy and a never ending rabitt hole is on it's way.... if of course civilization survives long enough so we can experience it.

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