Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Play Station Phone PS Phone to be released in early 2011 or earlier!

In case you haven't heard the recent news, the Playstation Phone will be released very soon. Meanwhile the PS move is gaining some steam and is converting the playstation into an entirely different game unit.

Combine Netflix or hulu plus with PS3, add in a 3d TV with a 3d game, add a little Playstation move game and you have the ultimate gaming experience. The way I see it, the playstation 3 has been replaced by the playstation 3 2.0! It's not quite playstation 4, but this is still a major advancement that basically transforms the PS3 into a machine that many would have guessed the PS4 would be like.

With this recent news my outlook on the PS4 being released any time soon is that it will be awhile. However, I will say that technology seems to be improving at an extremely fast rate. Look at how the Iphones came out of nowhere and suddenly everyone's got a smartphone.

But the Playstation 4 is probably going to be awhile. I just wasn't thinking. Why update the software or hardware when the playstation 3 console is already top notch? They simply can make updates to accessories, and to software updates via online system updates. Looking forward I am thinking that it's very possible that the playstation 4 is a ways away. Regardless, the PSP2 and the playstation phone (whether they are two different devices or not or whether the PSP2 is coming after the PS Phone has yet to be determined) should certainly pave the way and help give us some insight into what the future of the playstation 4 will look like!

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