Monday, January 17, 2011

PSP2, Playstation Tablet, Playstation Phone, or Sony Codename Zeus- Sony Set to Reveal New Device, Janurary 27th 2011 - Possibly

Janurary 27th is the day Sony is going to reveal something. According to Wall Street Journal it will combine a game player with an ebook reader and a netbook computer. Is this the PSP2? It is widely speculated to be the PSP2. However, perhaps it's the sony playstation tablet. Perhaps the playstation portable 2 will function as a tablet and PSP2 will just be the name they give it. Perhaps a tablet will come next. Personally, I think it is going to have to have a bigger screen to be a ebook reader that can compete with kindle and Barnes and Nobel's Nook and the Ipad. It's innovative in that it combines the device. I think the screen is going to have to be fairly large. Some fans came up with interesting prototypes that feature the entire front side of the device as the screen, offering more viewing room on the screen, however, the screen will slide open revealing a hand held controller. It sounds like there will be a button or two on the back of the device, and it makes me wonder if the controller could be a touch screen controller. This would be a dramatic change and a little unexpected from a console system company that's always featured a controller with buttons, even with the playstation move there are buttons. It's also possible that the screen has a fulcrum that allows you to rotate the screen to the back, where it will feature a touch panel. An ebook reader and netbook on one sitde, and the controller on the other.
This marks a very exciting time for gaming fans as this could be the day where the future of playstation is revealed.

So a few options are
1) A gaming phone/ playstation phone to compete with windows 7 phone
2) A playstation portable 2 to compete with nintendo DS
3) A playstation netbook reader with games on it to compete with kindle.
4) A playstation tablet or "gamers ipad" to compete with Apple's Ipad.
5) A playstation 4 that revolutionizes gaming and functions as a network similar to netflix... The difference is this network would feature gaming and you can either use a portable playstation 4 device to upload games to your playstation 3 to play games, or you can play games on the go
6) A combination of all of the above

regardless of what the rewsult is, I can't imagine a more exciting time for gaming than to await the release of a new playstation or Sony device that could change the present and future of technology.

I'm crammed with time right now, so I don't have time to summarize the details, but here's some valuable links on the subject.