Saturday, December 16, 2006

PS4 to contain thought process engineering?

Apparently there is now technology that allows you to complete an action simply thinking about it. For those of you that questioned the "law of attraction" and wondered about it's effects, maybe this is more proof that you can actually understand, rather than the scientific and mathematical gibberish of quantom physics and quantom mechanics, and quantom entanglement theory and what-not.

Believe it or not, our brainwaves are very much things. Anything we think of actually causes our brains to fire electrons off in a certain pattern. That pattern actually causes a vibrational wave with a unique pattern, very similar to the way a radio wave, or sound wave.

Brainwaves are nothing new, this has been known for a very long while. But what's only been recently discovered is proof is the impact these waves have. Brainwaves act almost as a magnetic wave drawing things closer, and pushing things away. Who knows, a kind, highly focused thought might be the cause of all the seemingly miraculous recoveries from diseases.

It's very much true that our brain can effect the entire world around us. But until now, we've never been able to reveal how specific of an effect our thoughts can have.

Although it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, researchers at Washington University in St Louis have in fact successfully succeeded in creating a computer game that responds directly to brain waves. A grid atop the brain monitors brain activity and translates it into game commands. The study was conducted using epileptic patients. By simply thinking about the motion they were able to get a cursor to move a target and have succeeded in at least a 74% accuracy.

Gamers may think this is really cool, but they are most certainly not the only ones who should be enthused about this information. Researchers believe that as technology develops they will be able to use it to control prosthetic limbs.

Now if you are like me then you are fascinated about the way we think. There are so many possibilities here. Eventually we will be able to track and monitor our brainwaves. Soon we will have those machines able to send us the exact pattern of the specific thoughts that we want no matter what kind of day you are having.

Think of the best day you ever had. No matter what you did you knew that everything was going to work out. Or if you had one of those days where no matter what you did, you would always get the result you wanted. Now imagine being able to program a machine to those waves. You could feel good anytime you wanted to. If you needed to get stuff done, you simply transmit the "efficiency waves".

There are currently machines that do this sort of thing. They actually send you sound waves and light waves designed to stimulate your brain in a certain way
Now whenever you want you can As someone who has read books about the law of attraction and Richard Bandler's NLP, there is hope that we will someday be able to create a complete mold of brainwaves, make the changes needed, and transmit it back to someone.

Personally, I think it will one day be used as a very important tool to monitor a list of things that our thoughts resonate with (that we will attract into our life if we maintain the same frame of mind), but also to act as a guide on how to shape our minds to achieve the results that we choose.

update: The thought processing has actually evolved a step farther with the gaming system eMotiv. Emotive is a gaming system that responds to your thoughts and allows you to control the character with the game. It's not mainstream, but always before a technology becomes mainstream and popular, you will hear about it's development or something similar before hand. Motion technology wasn't at all popular until Dance Dance Revolution, then there were farther developments before the Wii came out and popularized it one step further and then motion technology developed and PS3 was on the cutting edge with playstation move. My guess is that this could very easily be the next stage in gaming but it could be awhile before we really see major improvements and implimentation.

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