Saturday, November 19, 2011

PSP Vita: The Playstation Portable Vita Now Available For Pre Order

It's been very fun seeing my ideas on the future of gaming happen exactly as I predicted them, or at least close to it.

You can see many of my future gaming predictions here
TO sum up what has happened so far:


-Playstation phone in the spring-Summer.
It was titled Sony Ericsson Xperia and was released in October. I was a bit late on this one by a single month into fall instead of the end of summer.

-playstation tablet, a netbook/ereader in fall-winter
The Sony Playstation Tablet or Sony S1 and S2 has already been announced. The prototype for the S1 and S2 was made available in April 2011. I am not sure when the release date is.

However it appears this may be the S1 that is already available.

I will say this one came out spot on in our range, maybe a bit earlier than anticipated.


-playstation portable 2 in summer 2012
Initially believed to be the S2, it turns out that the Playstation Portable Vita or PS Vita is in fact the playstation portable 2. Then they created plans for the "Next Generation Portable". They decided to rename it yet again to Playstation Vita. It turns out that Technology is accelerating and in fact this one is going to be out earlier than predicted and is available for pre order. It is not surprising that they pushed to have this one ready for preorder before thanksgiving since generally there is a big shopping rush on "black friday". However, the actual PSP2 or Playstation Vita wifi only is not going to be out until Februrary 22nd.

The Playstation Vita Bundle Pack with wifi and 3G is out Februrary 15th.
The PlayStation Vita Bundle Pack will come with a Limited Edition Case, a 4GB Memory Card, PlayStation Vita Wifi-3G, and Little Deviants game (40 ish dollars.)

One thing I missed was the updated version of PSP called the PSP Go

This is more of a minor announcement though and I did not attempt to predict modifications. The PSone was an update to the original playstation for example, but did not significantly change technology. The PSP Go was simply a minor yet sleek update that is more user friendly. It has several changes to make the hardware better so you can download games and store more information and fit it in your pocket, but it still only plays PSP quality games.

The remaining 2012 predictions are

-2nd generation playstation phone with playstation portable 2 technology in Fall
to be determined

-Advancement in playstation move and/or motion gaming. Playstation eyewear?
to be determined
I went on to make more predictions however, I would tend to want to move some of them up and change them.

What really amazes me the most is how accurate I was on predicting a future gaming system that I related to the playstion, but the Ninetendo beat Playstation to it as they debuted plans to create exactly what I described when discussing the future of motion gaming.

Said earlier, in the post titled ideas for PSP2 as a follow up to previous posts made on the subject here and elsewhere to promote this site, I said,
"If I were to describe the perfect PSP2 I would want it to be more simple, and I would want it to function as a controller for all games, not just playstation store PS1 and PS2 games. I don't care if the quality is a little bit worse, I want the PSP2 to function as a playstation move controller. "

Now tell me that this doesn't look like exactly what I described?

Perhaps someone with influence has been reading my blog. Just in case, I will come up with a post soon about my vision for the future and idea for the next great leap forward. I have done so in the post titled the next great leap forward in gaming. It is a subject I may have described earlier as well. Predicting the future to me is more about merging previous technologies, and then making them smaller and more efficient before expanding and using features of other technologies. But if you want to make a huge leap forward you sometimes have to think a bit outside the box like Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and others did. Soon I will provide an "outside the box" view of the future for those looking to get several steps ahead, things that I think would change the world, and I'm sure the readers will enjoy the futuristic view that I have.

I am very excited to see that the Playstation Vita is now available. It is very fun to see many of my predictions come true. You can pre order it on one of the buttons I provided above, or else check out my amazon Astore below on this playstation 4 release date site.