Friday, January 14, 2011

Sony Playstation Tablet: The Next Big Thing?

It's always tough to consider what the future of technology will bring when looking too far into the future, however, when you look at under 1 year or 2 down the line, it's not too hard to see what's been developed and what patnerships are forming and what's next.

As we already know, Google and Sony are teaming up to create "internet TV". However, it is rumored that Sony is teaming up with Google on the Playstation Phone which should debut in 2011. If this is true, it only seems obvious that if Sony wants to compete with Apple along with Google, that the Playstation Tablet is next.

It's unclear whether or not they will call either of these devices the "Playstation Portable 2" or PSP2 for short, or if they will keep that as a seperate device, or perhaps no longer use that term to describe either of their products. Maybe they will even use the names "PSP2 and PSP3" for both of them while using the alternate name "Playstation Phone" and "Playstation Tablet". However, that's minor details that don't concern anyone that is simply trying to envision the future of technology.

It's my belief that the combination of Sony products that have recently debuted, (Playstation 3, Playstation Move accessory for the PS3 and 3d TV, as well as the PS3 and PS3 move allowing gaming that is compatible with 3d TV) along with new advancements in partnerships with Netflix and Hulu Plus making games deliverable to PS 3 consoles, combined with the future release of the Playstation Phone and the partnerships with Google, that Sony is ready to really try to make a crack into the Apple market.

Anyone else, I would laugh, and if Sony wasn't partnered with Google, they still might not have a chance. But Sony, just like Apple is known for it's large loyal customer base that buys the new systems year after year. We're talking about the original sony playstation as well as the playstation 2 selling over 100 million copies world wide. Playstation 3 has struggled to sell that many and as of the end of September is 3rd after the Wii an Xbox360.

However, it seems that with the Playstation Move that it will continue to increase it's sales and the Playstation Portable sold over 50 Million as well. The combination of portable console markets gaining loyal customers that nintendo currently is dominating, but a new innovation will make it possible to gain more customers, along with console gamers that have 10s of millions of customer that will easily eclipse 100 million, despite xbox becoming more of a force... in combination with all of the Sony TVs and the partnership with Google could easily be enough to start giving Apple a run for it's money on smart phone sales. Combine that with Sony building off that success and releasing a playstation tablet or "gamer's ipad" and Sony could suddenly become a huge force and innovator in what is currently Apple's market, possibly leading to apple starting to create TVs and game consoles to start innovating in Sony's market...

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