Friday, October 29, 2010

PSP2 release date: Coming Soon To Bring In A New World Of Entertainment?

There are many rumors going around. It looks like I've been away for far too long. Is the PSP2 the same as the PlayStation phone? Or is this a separate device coming in 2011 to compliment the PSP Phone (PS Phone? Name pending)

Is the PSP2 release date really in 2011? Could it actually be that PlayStation is soon going to release a new device or console? In fact the PlayStation portable was a hit, but could use an upgrade. The PlayStation portable release is going to be like a gamer's ipad it seems, as the rumors are that Sony is going after apple's market share. I don't know everyone loves games on their phone now, but what about evolving it? PSP could go in the direction of a smart-phone, or an ipad, or perhaps somewhere between. Personally, if it's a gamer phone I would like it to be twice the size of an iphone, but the problem is, that would be bulky in the pocket. If you go larger than an iphone, it's less portable. If you go iphone size, it's tough on the eyes to seriously consider games on it. However, I think they can pull off an iphone size screen with additional buttons on the sides or bottom.

So after much consideration of the impact of PlayStation motion and PlayStation 3 in 3dTV has, I realized that, wow... much of what I thought could have been possible with the PS4, is already possible with the PS3 thanks to software updates and accessory add-ons. I mean, even thought technology such as Emotiv's device could be added as an add on accessory provided a software update was done, and the games were made to support it. So what in the world can be the future of gaming? I have a few ideas still, but clearly the PSP2 is next on the list and should be released well before the PS4.

From my perspective the PlayStation move along with the 3d gaming patch to integrate with 3ds and special thanks to Netflix and Hulu plus for making themselves available with a simple download to the PS3 and the PS3 suddenly has an entirely new look and it's like it's a new console. You might as well call it PlayStation 3 2.0 or PlayStation 3 2nd generation or something.

As it turns out the PlayStation portable 2 release date could be as soon as 2011?! How's that for soon?

All I have to say is with PS move, PS3 in 3d, and an upcoming PSP2, is "in your face competitors."

The next post will brainstorm some ideas for the PSP2.

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