Saturday, December 2, 2006

sony to release ps4 this christmas

Sony to Release PS4 this Christmas

By Jordan Baugher

Tokyo , Japan- Sony President Ken Kutaragi held an impromptu press conference today, stunning the world by announcing the imminent release of the PlayStation 4. Deciding to forego the intended release of the much-anticipated PS3 and concentrate on the release of the as-yet unanticipated PS4, Sony has decided to market its new system as "a leap ahead of our competition."

PS4 picWhile no new titles have been announced for the PS4, Kutaragi assured reporters that the PS4 would be reverse-compatible with PS3 games and that a new system would eventually be released that would be compatible with PS4 games once the technology to make them was invented.

"That system behind you looks like the PS3 we've already seen displayed at much every electronics show for the last year, how is this a different system?" asked one reporter.

Kutaragi replied: "Well, as you can see, this has a 4 on it, and the other model had a 3. That increase represents an entire extra integer of gaming quality, one the critics said we couldn't achieve for another 10 years."

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When asked if this was all one big marketing gimmick, Kutaragi went on to explain that while the specs for the PS4 were not essentially different from the PS3, the price would increase dramatically "to reflect the increase in quality."

It is rumored that Microsoft will announce plans to recall all Xbox 360s to "upgrade" them to Xbox 720s in what's being called a "packaging innovation."

for those of you that haven't guessed this article was a gag... yeah, it's a little early for April Fools jokes, but I found this entertaining and thought that you all would like reading it

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