Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Sony PS3 Launch Day Madness!

by Andrew Lawrence

6 months late and only 400,000 systems for the US nationwide launch, yep, sounds like another games console launch...

On November 17th Northern America saw the long awaited launch of the Sony PlayStation 3, but how many people got what they wanted?

Well, as expected the number of units available was very low and as usual there were quite a few people ready to pay big money to be the first to own a PS3.

The 60GB PS3 has a retail price of $600 and so far eBay has seen a steady flow of units selling for between $1,500 and $4,000 -

Many people camped out over night on the cold streets for a chance of getting their hands on the highly prized console, some waiting three days to ensure a good place in the queue. Outside one Circuit City store 50 plus people patiently waiting but only 10 PS3 consoles were available for sale... A large bold sign reminding queuing hopefuls of this limited number seemed to make no difference, some waiting in line just for the chance that someone's credit card might be declined or maybe an unexpected stock delivery? It's great to see the never say never attitude alive and well in the streets of the USA!

These die hard PS3 fans are a special breed, keeping one-another encouraged and talking amongst themselves about the impending games releases and online capabilities, you can really feel the excitement in the air.

For others though, the cold long wait was just about the money, they weren't afraid to admit that they intended to sell the console on for a profit, As with the games console releases in the past demand far outweighs supply and there are plenty of gamers prepared to pay top Dollar for a early chance to play. One queue waiter commented "I'd rather take the $2000 profit and wait another three months!"

So that's the folks in the US underway, Japan had their PS3's first on November 11th, but what of the European gamers? Well Sony have put off the Europe wide launch until March 2007 because of reported production problems with the graphics chips, and the difficult to manufacture Sony Cell processor, But will they meet the march deadline? They can't say! Sony are currently refusing to guarantee a Spring European launch at all, so it could be an even longer wait for Europe. Let's wait and see...

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